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1/2 way around the world

July 1, 2012

Because we are constantly moving,  the seasons change rapidly!

Yesterday we reached the midway point of our voyage and it was spectacular; sunny and clear.  Today is freezing and I am pretty sure I couldn’t see my hand if it were directly in front of my face.  We are in the middle of the Norwegian Sea, heading north towards Iceland and the ship is shrouded in dense fog, rain and heavy winds.  It feels like winter and the boat is angry, pitching and rocking, doors are slamming and objects are flying off the shelves.  In the middle of the night, our television flew off it’s propped shelf and is now lining the hallway outside of my cabin door with 3 others that met a similar fate. I genuinely fear the boat might actually tip over but I thank god for my considerable supply of Dramamine.

Another interesting development is that we are closing in on the Arctic Circle and the sun no longer sets at night.  Thus, it’s light all the time.  24 hours of sunlight is a peculiar sensation that must be experienced to fully appreciate.    My body doesn’t know what to do with all the time as the days drag on and on. I run out of motivation for activities and I want to sleep but my brain doesn’t comprehend.

Anyway, I want to talk about how spectacular our midway celebration was on board the ship.  We had the day free from teaching, as the boat was crossing through Sognafjord  and Naeroyfjord  Norway.  (GOogle it)We spent the entire day outside on the Lido deck listening to charming melodies, taking pictures, visiting and reading.  The Norwegian Fjords are extraordinary; a must see for ALL Scandinavians or nature loving folks that may have spawned me:0

Here are a few photos from our trip through the Fjords.

This is my fellow GET colleage Will, myself, and my boss Jonathan on the lido deck in the Fjords.

Here is a photo of our entire GET team that I will probably treasure for years to come. I really do love these people<3


In my last blog, I failed to mention the pirates.  As it turns out, they do exist! Apparently, certain parts of the ocean near Somalia are very dangerous and cruise ships are highly susceptible to pirate invasions.  According to rumor, in a past voyage, pirates actually shot cannons at the Peace Boat with the intention of disabling or penetrating the vessel.  Thus, we took special precautions to avoid something like that from happening.

Somewhere near Somali, our ship converged with a group of other ships and we maneuvered our way together through the Red Sea for a period of three days.  During this time, all windows on the ship were sealed shut to block out any light from seeping through during the evening hours.  Even the windows on the outdoor decks were covered in large sheets of cardboard and duck tape.  It seems like such a pitiful attempt at protecting oneself from an invasion but we used the resources we had and emerged from it all, alive and well.

In a few days time, we reach Reykjavik, Iceland which most people on board are highly anticipating, myself included.  However, it is our last stop for a long time.  After a long voyage through the Atlantic Ocean we will reach Mexico in approximately 10-12 days.  Please pray these next 2 weeks go by quickly.  I do tend to get a little stir crazy on board the ship and after 2 weeks the veggies are not that fresh. Our food supply definitely suffers the most.

I’ll leave you with some photos to ponder.

In Paris I touched the Eifle Tower  and skipped through the Arc de Triumph.

San Sebastian, Spain was Funicular and I shot a coca cola ad campaign and ate some pinxos.

In Sweden, I was sick and read a book that I highly recommend called The Darling.  It may have helped to shed some light on my future endeavors.


In Norway, I did some art.





 In London, I shopped and just barely managed to finally see some sights.

And then this happened.



This all happened in no particular order:)

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  1. mary alberg permalink
    July 2, 2012 10:22 am

    i hope and pray you remain healthy, happy and safe. I enjoy your blog very much. What a very exciting time for you.

  2. Erica Major permalink
    July 3, 2012 3:38 am

    You are just too much fun! I love that you are able to do this – it is so amazing!

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