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North Atlantic Ocean

August 20, 2012

July 8, 2012

Today marked the 2 month anniversary of this voyage-The 76th Global Peace Voyage.  In many ways it feels like we have been living on the boat for years and I can hardly recall a time before it.  On the other hand, I frequently remember how terribly bad I wanted this position and how hard I fought to get it.  When I consider the time and effort involved in the Peace Boat application, it feels like this trip is going WAY too fast.

Yesterday we coasted along the Canadian Island of Newfoundland and were told to expect many icebergs. Unfortunately, the day was too foggy with visibility nonexistent.  I imagined it was quite spectacular though.

Nonetheless, a day or two prior to Newfoundland we were cruising along the coast of Greenland and dodged many impressive icebergs along the way.   I am one of the lucky GET’s that has a room with a view on the side of the boat so I could very clearly hear the boat scraping alongside some ice chunks.  We even had an ice pilot on board the ship to aid in the tricky maneuvering.  Once again, we emerged through the harrowing iceberg ordeal alive and well. One cannot help but recall the unfortunate Titanic incident during these occasions.

Occasionally on board the boat we have formal events to break up the monotony of several days trapped at sea.  They are hilarious and I grabbed a few photos to commemorate the occasion.

I also have a few photos from Iceland.  I think Iceland might have been my favorite port to date.  It included an overnight stay and nearly 2 full days to view the sights.  Reykjavik was such a great little town located near many impressive natural resources including explosive geysers, large geothermal pools and some impressive waterfalls that I did not see.  I devoted my day to The Blue Lagoon, an enormous geothermal pool.

Feeling pretty free!

July 11, 2012

We are presently cruising through the Atlantic Ocean near the eastern coast of the US enroute to Venezuela.  After the blustery cold of the Arctic Circle we were all anxious for the return of sunshine. The remainder of our voyage should be HOT and STICKY.  But, soon the pools will be filled and I will once again spend my afternoons floating in the dense salt water.

During these long stretches at sea, the Peace Boat plans many events to occupy the participants.  Today is the highly anticipated “Sports Day”.  Participants are divided up into groups based on their birthdays and assigned a colored bandana accordingly.  For weeks people have been asking me if my blue headband is for sports day.  It’s not. It’s just the bandana I wear to bed after I wash my face but I don’t correct them.  I am spending the day in bed reading anyway.  Tug-o-war just doesn’t hold that much appeal to me.  For the record, if I were participating, I would be red.

Also, I am recovering from a traumatic lunchroom choking incident yesterday.  While sharing a late lunch with my class of “Beautiful Charming Sisters” I haphazardly swallowed a piece of low quality pork, which subsequently got lodged in my throat attached to a tendon that was still in my mouth.  It was a little terrifying but mostly just really embarrassing. I am once again considering vegetarianism.

July 12th. 2012

With every new adventure I embark upon, I try to remain calm and keep my options open.   Thus, my future plans often remain a mystery to me until I stumble upon something that peaks my curiosity.  To be honest, my initial plan was to get married and procreate following the Peace Boat voyage. However, over the course of a few weeks, I released that goal ultimately opening myself up to a million other possibilities.  An enormous weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

Every few weeks we invite new guest speakers on board the ship for a section of the voyage to discuss issues specific to that region of the world.  They are referred to as Mizuan.  Our current Mizuan is Lisa.  Lisa is an America citizen who has been living and working in Latin America for the past few decades.  Much of her attention is directed towards fighting to dismantle a program called School of the Americas.  -If you are an American Citizen and have never heard of it, don’t feel bad. I hadn’t either. -In summation, the School of the Americas is a program funded by the US government which infiltrates villages in Latin America and trains Latin American men to be soldiers.

What struck me about Lisa was not her mission; although I do think it noble.  What struck me about her was her story.  She was very relatable and mentioned bouncing around the world teaching English as a means of supporting herself while waiting for her calling. It eventually came in the form of a letter regarding the School of the Americas that compelled her to take action.

I think I may have received my ‘letter’…

July 13th, 2012

It’s Friday the 13th and we just passed through the Bermuda triangle.  We are still here though.

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